This article lists common questions for WordPress core developers, as well as developers of WordPress plugins and themes, and refers you to articles that contain the answers. There is also a list of resources at Developer Documentation, which might be of help.

Verify ID Number or Purchase Code

You must send me your ID number of purchase ( Purchase Code ) if you contact me or enter it if you register on Forum.


  •  Your purchase code is located on your item downloads page.
  •  If your purchase code is not working please see this article.


WordPress Questions

All questions about WordPress Install and other WP features and functional you can find here:

How can I find more information

You can easy find information on this page. If you want to contact me, you should go here and fill all fields. Please contact me if you have some questions anyway, we can find solution as soon as possible.

Report About Plugin Bug

Support extends only on my themes and templates, if you want report about Plugins bugs you must contact to the plugin’s owner.