Quick Setup

1. Import the content.xml file from Tools > Import > WordPress and select “Download & Import File Attachments”. If you get failure messages on the image import:

Click on Media in your admin menu and verify the demo images imported. If not, click Add New and browse to the Images folder inside the kit folder, select all and click Open to upload them.

2. Go to Layers > Layers Pages and click one of the imported pages to edit it. Click the Upload & Import button and upload the page’s preset.json file. Example layout-one.json.

3. Wait until the Import Complete message appears, then click Build Your Page. Review the layout and click Save Settings.

4. Click Back on the Customizer nav and expand the CSS panel. Open the css.txt file and copy the contents. Paste into the CSS panel in the Customizer and Save

5. Repeat for additional layouts.

Proceed to customize your general Layers settings.

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